How to Make 2022 the Best Year of Your Life!

Over 30 years ago, I did a survey asking about new-years resolutions. I found that most were around health and wealth …. such as to loose weight, get fitter, healthier, make more money and be happier … not many actually said about wisdom. Although wisdom can be seen as the hook that allows us to have all of the other ‘goodies’.

Within changes, challenges also comes opportunity. Now is the time to take the practical steps into begin the new year with an enhanced ‘Self-Awareness for enhanced ‘Self-Empowerment’.

Making a Great Start
Interestingly, how we start something, symbolically sets an imprint, an impression and the pace for how the rest of the journey will go. Hence, it’s also important that we start off the new year on the right foot. The start of the new year is a great example of how the next 364 days will follow. To do this we need some preparation.

We may ask; where does a circle begin and end? Of course, while a circle itself has no definite beginning or end, it’s essentially more about how one cycle intersects with other cycles. Before birth, we have gestation, and of course before that conception.


‘To Make 2022 Your Best Year’ … we need to appreciate how each year is unique in it’s own way and hence each year has special opportunities for us. Hence, we need to be aware of this niche and align our-self. Also, realise that the real ‘natural’ new year in Australia starts at the spring equinox. Although this date varies each year, it’s typically about the 21st September. If we think about it, this means that we have about 9 months of gestation from January till the new-year is born.

Throughout this gestation is a wonderful opportunity to incubate, align our-self and prepare the scene, so to speak of how the new year will arrive at the spring equinox. This will allow the birthing process of the new year to unfold in a well integrated way. The conception prior to this gestation is symbolically the time to come forth with the concepts to cultivate during this gestation period.


How’s your ne years resolution going? Well, if you’re like most you’ve probably already failed, your resolutions have probably fallen by the wayside. To sum it up I say there’s 4 main reasons for this, and I’m going to share how to turn this around for the better.

1 – Most people get drunk and start new-year with a hangover … how we start something, the first step sets an imprint, impression on how the rest of the journey unfolds.
2- Most new-year resolution fail because so many people are not really clear about what they really want, so without clarity, desire and passion it wont work
3 – Most haven’t really resolved the issues that’s been holding them back. Hence because of repeating subconscious sabotage patterns we are victim of circumstances
4 – Jan 1 is not the real start of the new-year. We need a gestation period to cultivate reflection of how the new-year will unfold.

What To Do

Here’s four things to do to turn things around for the better.
1 – Awaken awareness of our-self and the world we live in
2 – Gain clarity about what you really want.
3 – Learn how to practice the principles of ‘Conscious Creations’
4 – Embrace ‘Self-development to deal with unresolved issues.


What’s the four top things you want in 2022? Most people don’t make the changes necessary, because their a poor lifestyle is zapping them. They’ve locked themselves into bad patterns that’s got them stuck. It’s zapping their vitality, esteem, enthusiasm, motivation and clarity.

Exciting Developments – From 2022 I‘m only offering ‘Life-Coaching with much more of an emphasis on ‘turning things around for the better’, addressing underlying issues to achieve long-term sustainable results.

Your Next Step

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